ESTUDIOS. filosofía-historia-letras
Otoño 1994
* [Nota 1]

"Purusa is this all, that has been and that will be. And he is the lord of immortality, which he grows beyond through food. Such is his greatness, and more than that is Purusa. A fourth of him is all beings, three-fourths of him are what is Inmortal in heaven. From his navel was produced the air; from his head the sky was evolved from his feet the earth, from his car the quarters: thus they fashioned the worids". Citado por R. F. Gombrich, "Ancient Indian Cosmology", en Ancient Cosimologies, London, 1975, ed, C. Blacker and M. Loewe, John Allen & Unwin Ltd., p. 115-6.

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